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Money is essential to life, but sometimes we just don’t have enough of it.

So what are we to do when we have bills to pay, mouths to feed, or things that simply must be bought? Well, we need to make more money! Here are some ideas on how to get that done.

1. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

Not everyone thinks that being a Mystery Shopper is worth the money, but if you love shopping, this is definitely one to look into.

2. Rent Your Spare Room

Got extra space in your home? Post it up on sites like AirBnB and make money on it all year around for travellers looking for authentic local accommodation.

3. Become a Tutor

 Become a Tutor

If you’re knowledgable in a certain subject, or you have a knack for teaching, advertise your services as a tutor. It can be rewarding in more ways than one.

4. Return Unwanted Items For A Refund

Bought something only to realise you shouldn’t have because you didn’t really need it? Return those items quickly and get the refund!

5. Sell Unwanted Items

Sell Unwanted Items

From eBay to Gumtree to your local Buy, Swap, Sell page on Facebook, there are so many places to sell your unwanted items to others. It’s money just waiting for you.

6. Babysit, Housesit or Petsit

Whatever you want your level of responsibility to be, there’s money to be made in the ‘sitting’ business.

7. Enter Competitions


Some competitions offer cash money, others offer items that can be easily sold for cash, and they’re certainly a good idea.

8. Become a Freelance Writer

For those with the skills, becoming a freelance writer is a challenging and interesting way to earn some extra money. Find out more about becoming a freelance writer here!

9. Sell Old Jewellery

Just because you don’t wear it, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth something. Advertise it online, or sell to your local pawn shop.  We recommend you use the services of Gold Buyers Mail-In located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. They are a family owned business, very reputable and we have used their services ourselves. You can just send in your old gold jewellery for valuation, and if it’s worth something, they’ll transfer money straight to your bank account (otherwise they just send the jewellery back to you!)



10. Use a Platform to Hire out Your Baby Gear

Tree Hut Village is a new service located in Melbourne (but works all around Australia) where you can rent out your used pram, cot, breast pump – any baby stuff!  Get cash for hiring everything out!


11. Sell Storage Space


If you have a shed or yard, consider advertising any empty space in there as storage space for a caravan, boat, other vehicle or even just stuff.

12. Apply for a Government Grant

There are so many grant opportunities out there, so if you have a good idea and a decent head for grant writing, try it out!

13. Write And Sell An Ebook

Write And Sell An Ebook

The ebook market is currently in a state of massive growth. Take advantage of this by writing your own and selling it online.

14. Ask For A Pay Rise

If you’re working, talk to your boss about the possibility of getting a pay rise. Be upfront and honest about the fact that, without extra money, you may need to seek other employment.

15. Check Centrelink Entitlements


It’s easy to miss things with Centrelink, with things changing all the time. So take a few hours to look through your Centrelink entitlements and make sure you aren’t missing anything you’re eligible for.

16. Start A Blog Or Website

There are a lot of blogs and websites out there today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money with advertising, affiliate programs and more. For more on how to start a blog, check out our free ebook!

17. Become a Party Planner

Become a Party Planner

Love to party? Share that love with others by starting your own party planning business! There’s some more info here!

18. Take Online Surveys

For those with access to a computer and a reasonable sense of patience, online surveys can be a great way to earn money on the side.

19. Write Resumes

If you have experience with resumes, and you’re a good writer, consider hiring yourself out to write resumes for a fee.

20. Sell A Story To A Magazine/Website

Got a great story to tell? Why not sell it to a magazine, website or other media outlet, most of which pay for inclusions.


21. Sell Your Photos As Stock



If you’re a budding photographer with a large database of images, consider selling them on a stock website for some extra cash.

22. Write Family Trees

For people interested in genealogy and with a passion for computers and research, there might be money to be made writing family trees.

23. Make Youtube Videos 

youtube videos

Got a video camera and a great idea? Make a YouTube video and post it online! Viral videos can earn a substantial amount in advertising.

24. Become a Small Business Social Media Manager

If you are great on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, see if companies will pay you to look after their social media needs for them.

25. Become a Virtual Assistant!


If you’re a skilled typist and organisational queen, think about becoming a virtual assistant, working remotely for a regular wage.

26. Become a Dog Walker

Love dogs? Advertise yourself as a dog walker in your local community or city. You can get fit and get paid.

27. Do Some Night Fill Work


Night fill work can be great for parents struggling to manage work with kids, as long as you can manage the odd hours.

28. Do Pamphlet Delivery

Advertisers are always interested in accessing customers, with many using pamphlets to do so. Sign up to deliver them, and there’s money to be made.

29. Register To Count Votes

Register To Count Votes

With the election coming up, there are spaces available to count votes in your local area. Check it out before the spaces fill up.

30. Ironing Lady

Some people find ironing to be relaxing. If you’re one of them, consider advertising your skills as an ironing lady and make some money during the day at home.


31. Cleaner


Got an eye for detail? Have a look around for work as a cleaner doing everything from houses to cars. There’s a surprisingly large amount of work out there.

32. Fundraising

If you’ve got great people skills and you know how to make a strong argument, sign up to be a paid fundraiser, working for a base rate plus commission, with a charity or fundraising company.

33. Market Research

market researcher

Companies always want to know what their customers are thinking, so why not make some money off them for a change by participating in market research.

34. Do A School Run

Got a car and some free time in the morning and afternoon? Organise a school car pool for kids in your area, and get paid by their parents!

35. Sell Your Hair

sell your hair

It’s a little left field, but if you have long, good-quality hair, there’s money to be made from it.

36. Sell Your Fresh Produce from Your Garden

If you’re got a garden that overproduces, you’d be mad not to try and make a profit on it. Sell it at farmers markets and local markets for some extra dough.

37. Propagate Seedlings

Propagate Seedlings

For those with a  green thumb, you can make a little extra cash on the side by propagating seedlings to sell at markets or direct to your local nursery.

38. Register your Home or Property as a Film or TV location

If you have a lovely or unique home, register it now as a film and television location. It does require flexibility, but the money is really good.

39. Become a Delivery Driver or Casual Courier


For those with their own car and some time on their hands, consider registering as a delivery driver or casual courier, as a bonus income stream.

40. Attend Trivia Nights

On the fun side of money making, trivia nuts should sign up at local trivia competitions, where there are often cash prizes!


41. Design an App

design an app

If you have a head for design and a great idea, explore the possibility of designing your own app. You can make money from the app and advertising.

42. Photo Editing

Know how to really make a photo pop? Advertise your services as a photo editor to photographers for a creative at-home job.

43. Design Your Own T-shirts

Design your own tshirt

There are loads of places where you can print your designs and sell t-shirts online, so get started on a winning concept today.

44. Become a Paid Forum Moderator

All forums need to be moderated, which means there’s money to be made as a forum moderator. Another bonus? You can do it anywhere!

45. Do Odd Jobs On Airtasker


Airtasker is a website where people can post tasks they don’t want to do or need help with. You bid for the task, and if you win, you can make money!

46. Sell on Etsy

The creatives among us will find ample opportunities to make money on Etsy, with arts, craft and design all going for solid bucks online.

47. Bake And Sell

bake and sell

If you love to bake, turn it into a little at-home business by selling cupcakes, going to community bake sales, or even decorating cakes for cash.

48. Style Hair

Love those YouTube hair tutorials, and have some good designs up your sleeve? Offer those services to kids, teens and adults for special events!

49. Become a Film or TV Extra

Become a Film or TV Extra

If you aren’t worried about being the centre of attention, consider signing up to an agency as an TV or film extra. It’s a cool experience, and cash to boot.

50. Drive Others Around

Taxi services like Uber, and similar, allow anyone to make money with nothing but their car and a smartphone. If you’re interested, it can be a great money maker.

How do you make money fast?

50 Ways to Make Money FAST

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