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Cheap Family Dinner Meal Plan with Shopping ListAugust 2017

If you are stuck for ‘What to make for dinner tonight’ – then fear no more!  

We will be giving you a free weekly meal plan that has simple family recipes that are cheap to make – and totes delicious! Here is the August Cheap Family Dinner Meal Plan with Shopping List (at the bottom!).


Meal 1:  Homemade Pizza

Making a delicious homemade pizza is easy – if you have the time to make the pizza dough in advance.  The good thing about this recipe is that it is super cheap to make – and you can freeze the dough so on nights that you need to make it in a hurry, you can just unwrap the dough, defrost, roll it out and you are done! So I highly recommend that you make a huge batch on the weekends and then freeze individual balls for later!

Grab the recipe here.

Gourmet Pizza Dough Recipe | Stay at Home Mum

Meal 2: Old Fashioned Pastie Slab

You can pick up sausage meat in the meat section of your local supermarket.  Most of the time you can pick up at 250 gram pack for about $2 – $2.50 – so pretty cheap!  You don’t need to use the vegetables specified in this recipe – you can pretty much use whatever you want – just make sure you steam them first in the microwave so they cook through first.

Grab the recipe here.

Old Fashioned Pastie Slab | Stay at Home Mum

Meal 3: Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli and Rice

This is a good weeknight dinner because it’s easy to put together – plus who doesn’t love a good pasta dish!

Grab the recipe here.

slowcooker cheesy broccoli chicken

Meal 4: Homemade Chicken and Apple Croquettes

When you make this mixture, you make them really small (homemade chicken nuggets) – you can make them medium sized (croquettes) – or you can even make them into chicken burgers and serve them on a roll with lettuce and tomato.  Plus you can use either fresh chicken or chicken mince depending on what you have on hand!

Grab the recipe here.

Chicken and Apple Croquettes | Stay at Home Mum

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