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10 Super Healthy Breakfast IdeasThat Also Satisfy The Taste Buds

Do healthy breakfasts mean boring breakfasts?

I know it’s challenging to consistently come up with super healthy breakfast ideas, and I understand how terribly easy it is to just pour milk over your cereal or slap a piece of scrambled egg over a sad-looking slice of wheat bread. But say goodbye to boring breakfasts because we prepared a list of 10 super healthy breakfast ideas especially for you!

10 Super Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Avocado Toast – 11 Different Ways!

10 Super Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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Who knew there were so many ways to enjoy avocado toast? We certainly didn’t, so we’ll definitely be trying a few of these next time breakfast rolls around (or next time avocados are on special!). Avocados are a great way to start the day because they’re packed full of healthy fats, which are just the energy boost you need!

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