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40 Stunning Same-Sex Wedding InspirationsYou love who you love, but do it in style!

I’ve been to a few same-sex commitment ceremonies, and they are such beautiful affairs.

But the groom and groom or bride and bride are always saying that there isn’t much around out there in ‘Traditional Couple Land’ that floats their boat wedding wise.

You love who you love, but there doesn’t seem to be much wedding inspiration around for same-sex couples. Well, we here at Stay at Home Mum are gonna change that!

So if you plan on marrying your significant other now that same sex marriage is officially legal here in Australia (YAY!!), then here are 40 stunning same-sex wedding inspirations!

So freaking cute! Look at them! Nawwwwww

Same-Sex Wedding Inspirations
via brides.com

Beach wedding with matching colours, but different gowns…

Same-Sex Wedding Inspirations
via weddingsparrow.com

LOVE this black and white wedding dress combo. Gorgeous!

via pinterest

Two brides, vintage style!

via stylemepretty.com

Even their gowns look like they are one. Lovely!

Same-Sex Wedding Inspirations
via swoonedmagazine.com

Same dress, different shoes!

Same-Sex Wedding Inspirations
via buzzfeed.com

And then this kiss…nawww…*raises one foot too

Same-Sex Wedding Inspirations
via rockmywedding.co.uk

Sweet! (Holding back tears here)

via ruffledblog.com

Simple + Elegant = Adorable!

Same-Sex Wedding Inspirations
via studioaimages.com

Classic white gowns are ethereal!

via zetaboards.com

These tattooed chicks are rocking their wedding!

Same-Sex Wedding Inspirations
via artfullywed.com

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