30 Funny Breastfeeding and Pregnancy MemesBoom, pregnant!

We have read stories about breastfeeding and pregnancy, perhaps all we need to know about these, the myths and facts, but nothing prepares us for the ugly and the funny.

With all the serious talks about breastfeeding and pregnancy, there are those quick-witted people who easily find the hilarity there is to these two beautiful ordeals of being a mum. Here, we compiled for you the 30 funniest breastfeeding and pregnancy memes we have found over the internet. Funny how the truth can actually be…funny.

breastfeeding memes

1. Because your baby eats what you eat too.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Meme's | Stay At Home Mum

2. Yes to Extra Calories!



3. The truth hurts, yes.



4. Your Baby has something else in mind!


5. Lucky Me!


6. Third Trimester Sex


third trimester sex | Stay at Home Mum


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