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Hit Your Child’s 5 A Day with a Secret Serve of OnionsOnions Are The Answer

There seem to be two pretty distinct camps when it comes to onions in Australia.

In one camp, staunch flavour-lovers argue that onions make up the foundation of any good meal. In the other, easy-time home chefs say onions are just not worth the effort or the tears.

So what about the parents just trying to make sure their kids are getting a balanced and nutritious diet? Where do onions fit into this?

As it turns out, they can play more of a role in your families nutrition than you might think!


Onions Are Packed With Goodness

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, with budget-friendly foods, such as onions, having more nutrients than you might expect.

The humble onion is a health food star in its own right, with a new report showing onions are great for your heart, are anti-inflammatory, help boost immunity and contain heaps of antioxidants.

A great source of vitamin C, just 100g of onions provides between 15-20% of your recommended daily intake. This essential nutrient is important for your children’s growth and development and can also help boost their immunity – this is especially important as the weather gets cooler and the cold and flu season creeps in.

Throughout human history, onions (and their entire family, known as allium vegetables) have been sought after for their health benefits. Thousands of years before science was able to explain why onions are great, people had already figured out that they not only tasted wonderful but had a positive impact on the human body as well.


The Easily ‘Disguised’ Vegetable

Any parent with a fussy eater on their hands knows the challenges of getting a healthy and nutritionally dense diet into their bodies. Some kids are steadfast vegetable avoiders and it’s hard to get a variety of veggies into their system – that’s why we love cooking with onions!

You can easily disguise onions in your favourite family meals, making them the perfect secret serve of vegetables that fussy eaters can’t say no to. Don’t forget just half an onion counts towards your five serves of vegetables.

Try this vanishing fried rice recipe, which has a secret serve of onion included 


Mastering The Onion

Get the most out of this delicious veggie with these useful tips.

Take Your Pick: 

Make sure you think about your recipe when you’re choosing an onion variety, as different colours deliver very different flavours. White onions have a rich flavour and are perfect for salsas and chutneys, red onions are sweeter and add zing to fresh salads and brown onions are milder making them ideal to use in everyday cooking.

No More Tears:

Try these easy tricks to avoid the tears when chopping an onion:

  • Refrigerate or freeze the onions for about an hour before you’re due to chop them
  • Peel them under a stream of cold running water
  • Make sure your knife is nice and sharp, so you can slice or dice with ease

Get Creative:

You can enjoy onions in so many different ways – chopped, blended, diced, caramelised, the list is endless. Unlike some other vegetables, cooking onions does not make a significant difference to their nutritional value, so they will be a perfect secret serve of healthy vegetables for your kids no matter how they prepared. If you have fussy eaters try blending them finely, or if you prefer your onions softer and sweeter cook them slowly over a low heat.

If you’re ready to pitch your tent in Camp Onions, now is definitely the right time. Check out The Secret Serve website (click here!) for some delicious, family-friendly onion recipes, and start adding more vegetables into your child’s diet today!


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