21 Apple Themed Gifts for TeachersEven Though They are Probably Sick of them!

Teachers get apples for every occasion.

Christmas, back to school, Teacher’s day.. Apples never fail to remind teachers how loved and appreciated they are by their students — or their student’s parents.

They love them! Even though they are probably sick of it.

Here are 21 More Apple Themed Gifts for Teachers!

Don’t worry he/she will have to like it! LOL!


1) A Thank-You Art Frame

Many of these types of frames can be downloaded from Etsy and then you just pop them in a frame!

Apple Themed Gifts for Teachers | Stay at Home Mum

We love this frame available from Etsy!


2) Apple Mason Jar


Because besides apples, Teachers get pencils as gifts, too. LOTS OF THEM.

3) A Jar full of sweets!

via Pinterest

Fill it up with their favourite candy!

4) Apple inspired Water Bottle Holder/Carrier

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5) An apple cupcake

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