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How to Eat Healthy On a Tight Grocery BudgetFrugal doesn't mean all carbs carbs carbs..

Mince and Lentils – Mix Together – No One Will Know

I simply adore lentils, I’ve been putting them in my spaghetti bolognaise for the last few years.  Nobody in my family has complained.  Not only are they seriously good for you, they add a bit of a nutty crunch, which when mixed with mince – no once notices. So it is like a meat-extended!

How to Eat Healthy On a Tight Grocery Budget | Stay At Home Mum

If you aren’t ready to make a big leap with lentils, start small, add a tablespoon to whatever you are cooking for dinner, and see if they notice.. work your way up from there!

Rolled Oats Aren’t Just for Breakfast

Porridge is of course, delicious in Winter. It is pretty hard to stomach in 40 degree heat for breakfast. But you should be buying it all year around – because it is brilliant. Use them for crumbs on chicken or steak instead of breadcrumbs. Add them to a smoothie to get all that goodness in there (and makes the smoothie a lot more filling!). Any fruit that is starting to go soft in your fruit bowl can be turned into a fruit crumble, just chop up the fruit and put it in the bottom of a cake tin, add some rolled oats and a bit of brown sugar on top – maybe dob with a bit of butter and whack in the oven for 20 minutes! Delicious!

How to Eat Healthy On a Tight Grocery Budget | Stay At Home Mum

Rolled Oats are also great for thickening stews and casseroles, can be processed and added to meatballs instead of eggs as a binding agent, and can even be a flour substitute.

Plus – if you have a little one with eczema – or sensitive skin, run a warm bath and add a cup of rolled oats – it is very soothing on the skin.

Only Buy Cheap Fruit and Vegetables

Why cheap?  It means they are plentiful – and plentiful means they are in season – and at their very best!  So buy up big on cheap fruit and vegetables and try and use some of them in every meal you make!

How to Eat Healthy On a Tight Grocery Budget | Stay At Home Mum

Remember, if you get some bruised or damaged fruit, don’t throw them out – use them to make a crumble (see above) – or even puree with a bit of coconut milk and make them into ice-blocks.

Try Shopping at Ethnic Supermarkets

There are so many different ways of cooking basic ingredients. Take rice.. it can be so versatile. But have a look at different ethnic supermarkets and ask them how they do it. The spices and pastes they have are truly amazing. So Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Ethopian, Lebanese – OMG they are all so wonderful.

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And they really know how to cook delicious meals on the cheap. So don’t be shy to try new ways to enjoy cheap ingredients. Basic doesn’t mean boring!

Eat Meat Free at Least Twice a Week

I live with a ‘Meat and three vege’ man but I make meat-free recipes for my family – and they have no idea there isn’t any meat in there! Great substitutes for mince are re-fried beans. Lasagne is a perfect dish to make to hide the fact there is no meat in a dish.

How to Eat Healthy On a Tight Grocery Budget | Stay At Home Mum

Not only that, if you have ever visited a good vegetarian restaurant, you will know just how good vegetarian food really is. Okay so it does take a bit of preparation and planning – but it is so delicious and good for you. Grab out some of those old recipe books and give one a crack!

I Can't Believe It's Not Mince Lasagne | Stay at Home Mum
Try my ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Mince’ Lasagne


So.. convinced?

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