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Everything You Want to Know About Weight Loss Surgery OptionsWeight loss to the max

Bariatric Surgery is booming in Australia. But what are the Surgery options for Weight Loss?

The weight loss industry worldwide is booming!  Everywhere you see different weight loss tablets, miracle drinks, shakes and some very dangerous over-the-internet concoctions.  But what about when nothing else works… What then.  Stay at Home Mum did some research to find out about Weight Loss Surgeries, what is available, how much it is, and where it is done.

Weight Loss Surgery Options | Stay at Home Mum

The Gastric Balloon – Recommended for loss of 10 – 30kg

The Gastric Balloon is a relatively new weight loss Surgery that doesn’t involve going under the knife.  It involves inserting a saline-filled balloon into the stomach cavity for six to twelve months which creates the feeling of ‘being full’ – therefore reducing the amount of food ingested.

The procedure involves inserting a balloon via the mouth through an endoscopic camera and placed into the stomach.  Then, the balloon is filled via the endoscope with a saline solution. The balloon stays in place for six to twelve months and makes the stomach feel ‘fuller’ – therefore restricting calories consumed.  The balloon is removed the same way it is placed – via the endoscope.

The placement takes approximately twenty minutes and is performed in a day surgery.  Should the ‘feeling of fullness’ not last, the balloon can also be ‘topped up’ with saline.

This procedure is quite often done in patients that need to lose weight before having a Lapband surgery or other weight loss surgery.  Like all medical procedures, you need to make sure you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Where is it done?

There are a few clinics in Australia that offer the Gastric Balloon Procedure, including:

Brisbane Obesity Clinic
Via The Brisbane Obesity Clinic

Who is Eligible for the Gastric Balloon?

The Gastric Balloon is a relatively ‘low risk’ procedure that is aimed towards men and women who are only mediumly overweight or whom need to lose weight before having a more serious bariatric procedure undertaken.  It is only suitable for losses of up to 30kg max.

How much does it cost?

Costs:  Prices start at $3850 for a six month placement. For those more than 15kg overweight, two lots of the six-month treatment is required.


Pro’s of The Gastric Balloon:

  • Non surgical insertion
  • Short term solution for weight loss
  • No overnight hospital stays are required.
  • Relatively non-invasive

Con’s of The Gastric Balloon:

  • If not enough weight has been lost after a six month period, the balloon will need to be removed and a new one inserted.
  • Risks can include bleeding or perforation of the stomach during the insertion or removal procedure, although this is rare.
  • You will still need to follow a strict diet and exercise plan from your surgeon.
  • If you go back to eating your former diet after removal of the balloon, you will put the weight straight back on.

New technology is now available at some Bariatric Surgery’s that involve a ‘Gastric Balloon Pill Capsule’ that needs to be swallowed – and is attached to a thin tube.  No sedation is required for this procedure.


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