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20 Funny Baby Names We Can’t Believe Are Baby NamesOur Ask SAHM readers had a field day listing down the worst they've heard...

For wanting to be inventive in their bub’s baby names, sometimes, parents can go beyond creative to just plain crazy.

Yes, you can name your baby whatever you want. But for some parents, this naming game is taken to a ridiculous level that will make you think, “Had they gone mad?”

(And we’re 100% sure, their babies will hate their names for the rest of their life. lol!)

Here at SAHM, we’ve got you the most trending, adorable and cute baby names there is on the planet, but how about those baby names that didn’t quite make the cut? One of our Ask SAHM readers thought about this and asked our readers what’s the worst baby names they have ever heard — and the answers were out of this world!

So did your baby’s name made it to the list? If yes, well, at least it’s popular? Eeeekk! Well, don’t worry, all these is just for fun. Here goes!

1. Phelony

Not quite a felon…yet.

2. Voldemort

Might as well call him the baby who must not be named!

3. Fanny

Funny with an A.

4. Banjo

This kid’s parents must’ve been downright music lovers.

5. Tydal-storm

Maybe the kid was born during a tidal wave and a storm?

6. Cviiilin (as in Caitlin, but the “ait” part is 8 in roman numerals)

Mathematicians to the core!

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